Citibank New Zealand

Citibank New Zealand

The US-based multinational banking group Citigroup has operated in New Zealand since 1974. It offers banking services to corporations, institutions, and public sector clients. The products that are available include investment banking, corporate banking, treasury services, trade solutions, securitie... read more

Headquarters/Head Office

Citigroup Centre
Level 11
23 Customs Street East
P.O. Box 3429
Auckland 1140
New Zealand

Citibank New Zealand Discussion

  • Q: I have a Citibank Credit Card from India. I am now in NEW ZEALAND. I have an account with ANZ NZ. Wish to know whether I can make my credit card payment through a wire transfer from NZ. If Yes, pls give me the SWIFT and IBAN Code and other details required to make a wire transfer from my NZ account.

    Reply Shoba from Auckland, New Zealand
  • Q: I am visiting NZ from Australia and have a citibank debit card. Can you please advise me of the no fee atm's I could use or the ones with the lowest fees. Thanks Lesley

    Reply Lesley from West End, Australia
  • Q: I am currently working in the UK but do a monthly transfer to my NZ bank, however my n=bank has advised me that if I use cicy bank for the transfer it is cheaper. How do I ensure that when my money reaches NZ it is transferred to my account by citibank Regards Ann Carey

    Reply ann carey from Dagenham, United Kingdom
  • Q: i am in NZ from aus. Does citibank have any branches or affiliated banks in nz that i can transfer funds from my aus a/c to NZ? ta, Ashok

    Reply ashok from Auckland, New Zealand
  • Q: My sister in UK wishes to deposit some money into my granddaughter's account at your bank. Could you let me know your BIC code and SWIFT code please?

    Reply Marjan from Auckland, New Zealand