NZ Loan Interest Rates

Bank Rate Type
HSBC New Zealand 1 Year Fixed Home Loan

Rate indicated is the fixed rate.

APR 4.19%
Feb 2018
Kiwibank 1 Year Fixed Mortgage

You sign up to pay a set interest rate for a fixed amount of time.

Your repayments depend on the amount and term of your loan, and the interest rate you�re paying.

Even if interest rates go up, you�ll continue to pay your fixed rate until the end of the term. But remember it goes the other way too - if interest rates start dropping, or if your circumstances change, you�ll still be locked into the fixed rate and payments until your chosen term ends.

If you structure your loan with different parts on different terms, each part will have a different repayment plan.

It costs $100 each time you fix some or all of your loan, and you may have to pay a fixed rate break cost if you break the fixed term early.

APR 4.35%
Feb 2018
ASB 1 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

Rate indicated is the Housing Fixed (12 Month) Rate. Once this period is over the standard variable rate will be applied. An LVR of 80% is required.

APR 4.79%
Feb 2018
BNZ 1 Year Fixed Rate Home Loan

Rate indicated is based on the Classic home loan product.

APR 4.99%
Feb 2018
Westpac New Zealand 1 Year Fixed Mortgage
  • fix the term of the interest rate you pay from 6 months up to 5 years. Compare our fixed interest rates here
  • budget with confidence knowing your payments do not need to change for the whole fixed rate term
  • you can split your loan into different fixed rate terms or mix and match with floating and capped rates
  • increase your regular repayments by up to 20% of the minimum repayment at any time during the fixed rate term without break costs
  • increase your certainty by locking in a fixed rate up to 60 days before you draw down your loan or your existing fixed rate expires
  • at the end of your fixed rate period you can roll over onto a new fixed rate, switch to a floating rate or mix and match fixed and floating options
  • choose the repayment structure that works best for you � Table, Reducing or Interest only
APR 4.99%
Feb 2018
Bank of Baroda New Zealand Variable Rate Mortgage

Purpose:For Purchase of New House , Construction, Investment & Take over from other Bank.

Limit:Maximum up to NZD 1 million. Subjected to 60 times of gross monthly salary for salaried/self employed or 80% value of the house, which ever is lower.

Rate of Interest: 5.75% Floating (2% below Bank Base Lending Rate**) (Interest Rate changed w.e.f. 01-09-2014)

Period : Up to 25 Years

APR 5.25%
Jul 2016
Bank of India NZ 1 Year Fixed Rate Home Loan

Rate indicated is for LVR of up to 80%.

APR 5.49%
Feb 2018
Heartland Bank Variable Mortgage

These rates are subject to change without notice.  These rates are indicative only and an additional margin may apply to any lending as determined by Heartland Bank in its sole discretion.  Please contact Heartland Bank for further information on 0508 432 785.

APR 5.65%
Feb 2018
TSB Bank 5 Year Fixed Mortgage
With the interest rate set at the beginning of the fixed term, you can be certain of how much your loan will cost you over that period. For new lending, fixed rates can be held for up to 60 days once your loan is contracted.
APR from 5.69%
Feb 2018
ANZ New Zealand Floating Home Loan

This loan rate is applicable to the 'floating rate'. It will change in line with the market, it has a maximum loan term of 30 years with a maximum borrowing of up to 95% of the propertys value. For more information please visit the ANZ NZ website.

APR 5.79%
Feb 2018


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