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  • ANZ New Zealand - Deposits - ANZ 5 Year Term Deposit Rates
    Q: May I open an ANZ Term Deposit even if I don't reside in New Zealand?

    Reply Luca from Milan, Italy
  • TSB Bank
    Q: I am Financial Controller for 2 investment companies, These are privately held companies. We have been investing in all the major banks for many years but which to extend our deposits to other banks. Please advise how we can deposit with TSB.

    Reply Dot from Auckland, New Zealand
  • Citibank New Zealand
    Q: I have a Citibank Credit Card from India. I am now in NEW ZEALAND. I have an account with ANZ NZ. Wish to know whether I can make my credit card payment through a wire transfer from NZ. If Yes, pls give me the SWIFT and IBAN Code and other details required to make a wire transfer from my NZ account.

    Reply Shoba from Auckland, New Zealand
  • Deposits
    Q: Is it possible for a non NZ resident to take out a term deposit with BNZ? I am Australian, resident in Australia.

    Reply David from Panania, Australia
  • TSB Bank - Deposits
    Q: Please could you advise the difference between a 1 YEAR Term Deposit Rate and a 12 month Term Investment Rate Thank You

    Reply Nigel from New Zealand
  • BNZ - Savings - BNZ Rapid Save Account
    Q: To make a withdrawal from a rapid save act. Is the last day of the month the best time?

    Reply Barabara from New Zealand
  • BNZ - Savings - BNZ Rapid Save Account
    Q: Is the interest paid monthly?

    Reply Martin from United Kingdom
  • TSB Bank - Deposits
    Q: IIs there any term deposit where interest is paid monthly?

    Reply John from New Zealand
  • BNZ - Savings - BNZ Rapid Save Account
    Q: My daughter has two rapid savings accounts through bnz one is a long term savings account and the other is a short term savings account and I'm wondering what the interest rate is please

    Reply Louise B from New Zealand
  • Citibank New Zealand
    Q: I am visiting NZ from Australia and have a citibank debit card. Can you please advise me of the no fee atm's I could use or the ones with the lowest fees. Thanks Lesley

    Reply Lesley from West End, Australia